Realistic Eyebrow Help.

To kick off this project called Beauty Blogging (other people do it, so why not me?), I decided to start with a tutorial.

From my hours (and hours and hours) of manning a makeup counter, I learned something significant. Not many people know how to do their eyebrows right.

‘Right’ is a strong, subjective word, yes – but it’s the word I hear when people approach me. So I scraped together what knowledge I have on the matter to give you a realistic, easy way to make them look less feral.

Yes, there are more ‘advanced’ options for eyebrows, but this is a good everyday routine.

First, you need to compile the short list of items pictured.

-Eyebrow pencil
-Concealer brush
-Eyeshadow (preferably light)


Take your eyebrow pencil and draw a line along your lowest brow hairs (strays NOT included!).


Now work upward, filling your brow in with light strokes.


Using your concealer brush, apply concealer directly below the line you drew with your eyebrow pencil. This will clean up your line and cover stray hairs better.


Take your light eyeshadow and place it just below the brow line on top of the concealer.


Take a blending brush (I have mine on my pencil) and blend the start of your eyebrow toward the middle of your face a bit.


I have no other makeup on to show the simple difference eyebrows make.
Here is the finished product – distinguished vs. disorderly. The concealer/eyeshadow is key – it gives the brow a lift it wouldn’t otherwise have.



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